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Nov 10, 2013 1:00pm PST
for people to be asking the 2016 question? >> i don't think it's too early. i think it's part of a process. >> this isn't an issue about bullying. this is an issue of mine and jon's relationship where i may -- i've taken stuff too far. >>> all right. we've got a lot to get to this afternoon from chris christie, the newly crowned prince of the gop, to failed talks with iran, to the explosive story unfolding this week in the nfl. and, yes, the gop's benghazi obsession. but, first, we want to give you an update from the philippines where officials say 10,000 people could be dead from friday's devastating typhoon. characterized as a state of calamity. last night u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel announced u.s. forces are headed to the pacific islands to aid in search and rescue efforts. among the organizations that you can contact for information on how to help, you can reach out to the red cross, unicef, save the children. and we will be posting a additional information on our facebook page. >>> we're now going to turn back to politics. coming off his re-election win tuesday, new jersey gove
Nov 30, 2013 1:00pm PST
have to live in poverty. raise the federal minimum wage. >> i don't think raising the minimum wage and history is clear about this doesn't accomplish the goals. >> the senate expected to vote on an increase that would bring the min numb wage up to $10.10 but it's got no chance in the house. >> when you raise the price of employment, guess what happens. you get less of it. >> there's not one scintilla of evidence to show that raising the minimum wage in the past has cost jobs. >> shouldn't we all want an economy in which everyone can succeed? >>> so i want you to meet the new welfare queen circa 2010. walmart and mcdonald's and others that reap billions in profits and paying the workers such low wages that we the people subsidize their employees in the form of government programs like s.n.a.p. and medicaid that thousands rely on. now, remember congressman paw ryan and others talking about makers and takers and not wanting working people to be lulled into dependency? the reality is that these working people they are the ones that he's talking about. and mr. ryan, they work multiple j
Nov 9, 2013 1:00pm PST
that, hey, you don't like them, fine. but i'm different. chris christie on the national stage that might change. >> he spent $24 million separating himself from the cory booker election. you know, it's interesting because, you know, one of the issues from their own autopsy, rielgt, that they've talked about is the need to make inroads with latino voters and yet this week you had kevin mccarthy, the republican house whip say we're not going to get to immigration reform this year, we don't have enough time. which is always their excuse. i feel the rest of us have several months left. i don't know how many days you're talking about. but it sprieds o surprise me that now earlier in the year i think we were so hopeful because it was in the political interest of the gop to get immigration reform done and now just seems like they just don't care. >> i mean, i bet there will be time to repeal obama care once or twice more before the end of the year. >> of course. >> but that's an interesting thing. look at the autopsy that the republican national committee put out after losing in 2012
Nov 16, 2013 1:00pm PST
ter decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >>> thanks for joining us. get ready to disrupt your afternoon as we talk about the week that was. a tax on attorney general holder. pushback against the gop caucus of no. and katrina, really? if they want to go there, let's go. >> there are moments in a presidency where everything is different afterward and i believe this is that moment. for us, it was hurricane katrina. >> even "the new york times" is calling this obama's katrina which is great for george w. bush. >> if you bring it up at the white house, they reject that. expletives start flying around. >> we hate to say we told you so but we look like geniuses now. >> what is the republican plan? be careful. >> we have to concentrate, by the way, not on who we are against but what we're fighting for. >> i thought the republicans believed in the free enterprise system. >> it lets people keep the plans they like. >> the gentleman needs to read the bill. does
Nov 2, 2013 1:00pm PDT
republicans and conservatives is they don't have a heavy case load. it's fine. of course, they say that because they're trying to protect their ideological imbalance. >> that's the right way. if it's fairness, they would be moving forward. i think what it comes down to is looking at the decision you quoted earlier and the eight scariest words is the majority opinion written by janice brown, this is a court pushing a real conservative agenda from the bench and you know what? the republicans, they love it. they're winning fights in the d.c. circuit they can't win in congress. that is their secret weapon against the obama administration and so they're going all out to provide to prevent nominees from reaching the bench and see the excuses that they have thrown up. patty millett, not a single republican raised a single issue about a single item on the resume of experience, integrity through the hearings or senate floor and said, well, there's enough judges we don't want you to have one and it shows they'll do anything to stop the nominees. >> spencer, to that point, even ted cruz had g
Nov 23, 2013 1:00pm PST
until 2016 and that's intolerable. >> we have a graphic i want to show i don't terms of the number of clo cloture votes and 50% of all under president obama. i mean, that is pretty astounding. you know, clarence, of course the right called it an abuse of power and all of this. you know, not to mention they would have done it if they felt like they needed to but the point is we got to a point where everything had become so just kind of stuck that i think that's what finally pushed harry reid over the edge and decided to do it. but for the republicans, to then blame it back on democrats, without taking any accountability. >> yes. and i love your analogy to godzilla because that was the impact this week. and folks outside the beltway may not be as fascinated by this unless maybe they're fans of jimmy stewart and his mr. smith goes to washington and the importance of the filibuster. in legislation, that a minority does not like. this institution is around for a long time what makes this fight so tragic is shows the breakdown of trust that's occurred here in washington, breakdown of com
Nov 24, 2013 1:00pm PST
afghanistan, pakistan. it's a complex situation. i don't think the american people are going to be distracted by this. i also don't think the president nor secretary kerry are going to do a victory lap. this is part of a process. it's a six-month kind of, sort of process. we'll see what happens after that. but it's a very complex political situation. i think the president is doing like he said he was going to do. to be honest with you, anything that's moving more towards peace, at least trying to move towards peace in the region around the world i think is an important step. >> i was always taught peace was a good thing. clearly that's not in the republican talking points. i want to play for you, you know, some sound. i do think, dana, one of the things that's very important about this deal is it is something that the administration has been working on for quite some time. but also it is something that president obama himself as senator and as candidate actually talked about in terms of nuclear proliferation and the threat of nuclear weapons. i want to play a little bit of sound. because at o
Nov 17, 2013 1:00pm PST
. those pds tornado watches, they don't get issued much. you don't usually have a high risk of these storms issued by the storm prediction center all that often. even in the springtime. but to get it this time of year, especially this far north, it is very rare. but, you know, we knew it was coming. i think a lot of places did already prepare everyone to know that these storms would be hitting. i think a lot of people did take precautions leading up to this. >> thanks, dylan. stay with us here at msnbc. we will check back in with you later in this hour. >>> now we turn to the week ahead in politics. and if the gop wants to continue gloating, they might want to think again. in a congressional runoff election last night, voters in louisiana elected a republican who favors the affordable care act's medicaid expansion. and whose opponent did everything he could to use that position against him. so if the gop wants to do anything about its electoral problems, they're going to need to do more than run on opposition and obstructionism. they need to do more than efforts to impeach a
Nov 3, 2013 1:00pm PST
. and i'm a disrupter. that's great. >> you got 30 seconds. >> i don't think so. among those on the republican side are those who are anti-government idealogues. they cannot wag this dog. i believe we should be able to reach a budget by thanks giving. >> if hillary: listen does run, she'll be one of the best prepared people and she will win i believe if she runs. >> the time is now. ♪ she was an american girl >>> congresswoman nancy pelosi is the definition of a disrupter. in 2007, she became the first female speaker of the u.s. house of representatives. now she leads the most diverse caucus in american history. she was recently inducted into the women's hall of fame in seneca falls, new york. she's a big believer in the power of chocolate ice cream. but there will be more on that later. i'm honored to welcome house democratic leader nancy pelosi to "disrupt." thank you so much for being with me. >> thank you, karen. my pleasure to be here. >> i want to start with the budget. we know budget meetings began. >> yes. >> on friday, 47 million people were pushed over the food st
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)